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About "Six Tame Sides"

About STS - Long long ago, in the mists of time - OK the early 1990s - "Six Tame Sides" made its debut as a fanzine (see the rather smart image on the right).  Those were the days - when "cut and paste" REALLY meant "scissors and Pritt Stick" rather than 'Ctrl C' and 'Ctrl V'.  It lasted for either six or seven issues - I can't honestly remember as I don't have copies of all of them [NOTE - believe or not, there is a FULL collection of "STS" - bound in a hard-back cover as well (!!) - in the Local Studies Section of Ashton-under-Lyne library - just ask, and tell 'em you know the author].

Anyway - the years went by (there was another foray into fanzine world with the Mossley AFC "Stuffed Like ..." - a joint effort this one with Jools Thomas), a bit of a stint as Mossley Programme Editor and after that doing the odd (sometimes VERY odd) articles for the Mossley programme (who can EVER forget the "Richard Cranium Column" !!).

The 21st Century brought the "digital world" - internet and rather small compact cameras - and in 2006 I had the idea of resurrecting "Six Tame Sides" on the web.  With the help of the very nice people at, it began to take shape at the start of the 2006/07 season and has continued ever since - topping 100,000 visitors early in 2011. The compact camera gave way to a big posh DSLR for improved (well I think so !) pictures towards the end of that season.   A proper domain name was purchased ( in 2009 by my daughter (Fathers Day pressie if I remember rightly) and has since been linked to the blog site (because it cost pennies to do).  This "new" website will (when I get my head around the construction of same - and have saved up the necessary cash - at the moment this is running on the "Free" option - this will cost more than pennies !) - in the fullness of time - be properly linked to that domain - please wait with bated breath !!!

About Me - just a non-league football fan - brought up from a VERY early age watching Stafford Rangers, and since leaving Stafford in 1976 I've watched non-league wherever I've lived (London, Andover, Sheffield - now Mossley).  Living here means there is loads of football on my doorstep - hence the "Six Tame Sides" - together with teams such as Glossop North End and Woodley Sports not far away either.  Changes in work circumstances in 2010 has rather limited my travels (working most Saturdays), but when I get a chance ... I take it !

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