Six Tame Sides

"Ye Olde Six Tame Sides Shoppe"

This page will eventually be used to sell stuff - programmes and other odds and sods which may appeal to you wonderful readers - and yes PayPal will be the currency of choice (unless of course you see me "around the grounds" when used notes will be happily accepted !).  The two on here at the moment are for testing purposes - but if anyone wants anything - let me know ...

Mossley "Floodlight Crisis" Postcard.

Something I rustled up to raise a bit of cash - however by the time I'd got them sorted, the "Knight in Shining Armour" had arrived - so they never got used (and I'm lumbered with a couple of dozen !)


Price £1.00 (+£1 p&p)

Macclesfield T v Hyde United Programme - 12 March 1966.

... from the Cheshire League days - fair condition for its age - and NO writing inside !

Price £1.50 (+ £1 p&p) 

Price $x.xx

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